Affordable long-lasting trendy haircuts and styling

Great haircuts shouldn't cost you a sizeable chunk of your income, I believe you should look your best with an affordable trending hairstyle. You deserve to be confident and in-style.

What I do

Trusting someone with your hair isn't easy.

I know how intimidating it is to try a new hairstylist and you really want someone who can take care of your hair and make you look your best while keeping up with the trends. 

My only passion is that you have a beautiful modern haircut that is versatile and resonates with you, and I cut it in a way that your hair holds it shape for as long as possible.

I believe no one should be paying exorbitant bills for a great hair cut.

Longer Lasting Shapes

I do cuts that lasts, so you don't need to keep revisiting so often that you feel that haircuts become a burden. Plus you save money too!

Picking The Right Styles

For over 30 years I've helped men and women, look their best with the trendiest styles. I'll help you match suitable hairstyles for face type, making your hair frame your face perfectly.

No Package Pushing

I truly believe that customers come back to me because of honest good service I provide. You won't hear a peep from me about packages, but I may recommend some treatments that may help your specific hair needs.

Hair Services Avilable At Sessions Salon

Wash & Blow

Feel refreshed and pampered with our wash and blow service. Deeply cleansing your scalp of environmental effects and contaminants while keeping your hair and scalp healthy while adding a natural pump to your hair. 

Wash & Cut

Get a new look for the season with professional styling. You can pick your preferred style and I'll adapt it to suit you. A perennial hit with my clients because of its ability to hold its shape during the grow out phase. Get the same pampering wash to reset and refresh your scalp and hair health.

Hair Colouring

Select your favourite hair colours from our available palettes and revamp your style and look in a few hours! Carefully prepared with experienced hands so you feel comfortable and you know your scalp and hair will be kept safe and healthy even with colouring effects.

HairstyLing for Special Events

Need an exclusive look for a special event in your life? From graduations to major VIP cocktail parties, we've got your back and your hair sorted, styled and set to make you look a million dollars, you'll be sure to stand out from the crowd.

Cold Perm

Cold perms are the perfect entry point to curling your hair. Using plastic cylinders, with hair coiled around it, we use a specialised solution to soak and induce curling. After a set time, we then do a rinse with another neutralizing solution to clear off the soak.  

Cold perms usually result in tight curls when hair is moist, so adding specific hair products to style helps keep them curling the way you want them to.

Digital Perm

Digital perms utilize heat and chemical reactions induced in the hair to induce curling in hair strands and create the curled and wavy look even when hair is dry.  

Your hair will typically feel soft, smooth and have a glow after a digital perm even more so when it's dry. Digital perms are the modern version of the traditional perm where hair doesn't feel brittle and dry after the process is complete. 


Tired of wavy or curly hair? Rebonding is the perfect way straighten out your locks. Special lotions are aded to your hair in sections to break down your hair's protein bonds that cause curls. We finish off the process by using a flat iron to complete the straightening process. 

Keratin Treatment

If you struggle with frizzy hair and frequent bad hair days where your hair seems out of control, Keratin treatments help by smoothing out your hair strands and gives your hair greater plump and volume as well as the appearance of thickened hair.

Intensive Treatment

For dry and damaged hair, where it has lost its natural shine and glow, intensive treatment rebuilds the protein that has been eroded from the hair by rebuilding keratin structures. The end result should be shiny and smooth glowing moisturized looking hair.

Scalp Treatment

An unhealthy scalp may often show symptoms of itchiness, excess dandruff and flakiness. If left untreated, it may affect your hair follicles which results in premature hair loss. Scalp treatment addresses it by nourishing your scalp and bringing back its moisture and health.

why I do it

It's about looking your very best for as long as possible.

Most budget haircuts don't seem to last more than 2 weeks. Your hair grows out and you need to get another trim. I believe in cutting hair in a way that still holds its shape after a month so you don't have to revisit for another cut so often.

Don't let your hair fall into inexperienced hands and ruin your look and making you feel like you've made another bad mistake.

Helping you feel and look great all day.

Feeling shortchanged by overpriced salons and pushy sales tactics to get "treatment packages?" You don't have to feel that way because I'll never make you get treatment that you don't need. It's just plain wrong.

Become the "fashionable one" at the workplace or social gathering —  sporting your latest locks and looking absolutely fabulous. 

Standing out from the crowd would be second nature to you because it's really easy to look sharp and stylish without breaking the bank.


What they say


Business Owner

Andy is a phenomenal stylist and his cuts make me look and feel great. He's always got very good recommendations for styles and I'm truly grateful that he has a gift of making sure my hair stays nice and neat even after 6 weeks and more!


Marketing Executive

I had some issues with finding a suitable hairstylist I could go to after work and decided to try out Andy. He's very knowledgable and most of all he really listens and understands what I want from my hair styling. I'm very very thankful for his help in always helping me look business-ready. And yes, I realized that my hair looks great even weeks after the cut! 

Wash + Cut

  • Long-lasting "stay in shape" cut
  • Cut to match your face and style
  • Pampering scalp and hair wash

Hair Colouring

  • Pick from your favourite colors
  • Comfortable process
  • Trendy and seasonal look
  • Professionally applied and set

Treatment Options

  • Keratin Treatment
  • Intensive Repair Treatment
  • Scalp Treatment

$ 120+

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