About Andy Goh — Lead Hair Stylist in Singapore of Sessions Salon

Andy Goh established Sessions Salon in 1996 with the aspiration of being the best hair salon in Singapore. He is a passionate believing Christian who believes in loving his neighbour with his craft in hairstyling.

Prior to settling in Singapore to set up shop, he plied his trade in Melbourne Australia as a professional hairstylist.

Andy has had 30 years of blessed experience in hair related services and has led an experienced team of hair stylists throughout his career, growing his craft and understanding what clients want from their hairstyling needs.

He retains the unique ability in providing haircuts for men and women who want fashionable up-to-date hairstyles that remain easy to manage, even at home.

Clients often gush about his kind disposition, caring attention to detail and the gift of creating suitable hairstyles at very affordable rates. 

For more details, please contact Andy here.

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